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About Us
Azhar Trading TERMS & Conditions Azhar Trading

Our Sales Terms & Condition:-

Minimum Order Requirements:-   No Minimum Order Requirement.

How To Purchase/Make Order:-
First Step:- Visit our website and make a list of your required or interesting items which you wish to buy from our company, and send to us along with Item Ref. number and required quantities.
Second Step:- Upon receipt of your request/Order, then we will calculate the Shipping cost according to your choice (By Air, By Sea,By Post office & By Courier), and then A Performa Invoice will be issued to you. Shipment can be "prepaid freight C&F" or "freight collect F.O.B" according to your instruction. Shipment being sent by prepaid, freight will have the charges added to the Performa invoice.

Prices:- We usually use US Dollars Currency, but we can make Invoice with Euros or other International Currency according to your requirements.

Volume discounts are (On F.O.B Value of shipment):
-$1000.00 - $1999.00   order> 2.5%  discount on all regular priced items.
-$2000.00 - $2999.00   order> 3%     discount on all regular priced items.
-$3000.00 - $5000.00   order> 3.5%  discount on all regular priced items.
-$5100.00 - $8000.00   order > 4%    discount on all regular priced items.
-$8100.00 - $10000.00 order> 4.5%   discount on all regular priced items.

Payment Terms:-
For new clients, our payment terms is advance remittance. However, we change the payment term to CAD or to credit period after having successfully done our business with the new clients for at least one year. All export shipments are subject to be in U.S. Dollars OR Euros.

A) Payment By Bank Wire Transfer (Swift)
B) Payment By Western Union (
C) Payment By All Majors International Credit Cards. Payment Processing Fee 9% From the 
    Total Value of the Invoice. The authorization is done via 100 % secure online payment
    processing  through / /  the leading payment
    processing companies in USA.
D) Payment By PayPal. Payment Processing Fee 9% From the Total Value of the Invoice.

Performa invoice:-
A Performa invoice will be issued upon receipt of your confirm order. Shipment
can be "prepaid freight C&F" or "freight collect F.O.B" according to your
instruction. Shipment being sent by prepaid, freight will have the charges
added to the Performa invoice.

Shipping & Refund Policy:-

We Use Following shipping mode for the shipment:-
BY Sea:-                     Arrival in 30-45-days.
By Air:-                      Arrival in 10-15-days.
By Post office:- .       Arrival in 14-21-days.
By DHL/FEDEX:-     Arrival in 05-07-days.


Refund Policy

Sample Refund Policy (for Goods)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can either return your order for a full refund or exchange it for something else. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 120 days from the purchase date. Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging.

Sample Refund Policy (for Services)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

Refund Policy:- If you found any items Damaged, then we will send you replacement items free of cost from our Ready Stock Available List. If you need Refund, we only refund the cost of items, but we will not refund the shipping cost, as we paid shipping cost to related shipping cost.

All products are packed in a Polybag. We take every precautionary measure to pack your order very well in a heavy weight container with sufficient padding to insure a safe ride to
your home .

Delivery Periods:-
Irrespective of the volume of our customers orders, we consign the stock items within 10-15 days, and the non-stock items within 21-45 days from the date of receipt of confirmed orders and finalized payment.

We stamp/Logo our products as per client requirements and as decided during the ordering process.

Samples can be provided upon payment of samples and shipping cost. If the buyer has a courier account number, we can use this to send samples.

 Price List:-  
1. The price list is based on wholesale (minimum 100-pcs a model ) and Based on Bulk packing.
2. Detailed price list for less quantity please feel free to contact us.
3. Bargaining is possible for the bulk quantity.
4. The price list presented is without additional packing, Logo printing etc.
5. If you feel any mistake in price List can be correctable.
6. Price list can be changeable without any notice and the previous list will be dishonor:
7. If you have not find the price of an item found in web may contact us.
8. If you have a new model to be developed please feel free to contact us for the full details.

Warranties Of Scissors:
We produce high quality parts and all our scissors are guaranteed free of faulty workmanship for Life.
We provide one complete service free of cost for all our scissors. Postage and handling fees in both directions are at the buyers cost.
 We guarantee to replace all worn out parts free of charge, for one year.
 If our scissors are accidentally damaged during normal use we will service/repair it for you at no charge during the first 30 days. We provide this warranty to make absolutely sure that you are happy with the performance of your new scissor, and to give you peace of mind. Postage and handling fees in both directions are at the buyers cost.
All scissors will be replaced if any type of rust acts on them. This guarantee is valid upto One years from the time of delivery. All expenses will be bearded by the manufacturing party.
We offer a 14 day exchange policy on new scissors (undamaged and in original packaging) if the buyer decides to return them, we will exchange for another scissor of similar price. We do not provide refunds for any reason, we only offer exchange. Postage and handling fees in both directions are at the buyers cost. Exchange is only offered once per purchase.
 Guarantees are subject to servicing by the manufacturer only. Any serviced by an unauthorized company is immediately void of all guarantees. Scissors that have been poorly maintained, miss-used or over worn before servicing may also void their guarantees.

Warranties Of  Other Instruments:
If you found any items damaged, then we will send you the replacement from our Available Ready stock free of cost. But we can not control of damage of shipment by Cargo Department due to bad handling. Postage and handling fees in both directions are at the buyers cost.

For Our Customers Benifits:-
Scissors sizes can be manufactured according to customer requirements.
We can have any size or design of scissors colored according to customer demands.
The following methods are used for coloring i. e. titanium, pvc, coating, sand/dull finish & polish finish. As for titanium coating    (pvd) we can have the following colors on scissors i.e. multi, blue, purple, black & gold.
If customer requires a certain accessories i.e. adjustable le screw, premium screw, tension plate, etc. to have fitted in any scissors of there choice, this can be done accordingly. Further you are informed that in order to have these accessories/design or steel changed according to your.desires, a minimum quantity of 100 pcs. Per size/per design will be acceptable and time period required to manufacture these scissors with changes will be confirmed upon the quantity ordered. Also kindly be informed that when order has been confirmed and manufacturing started, no further changes will be acceptable during this period.

Steel Which We use to Make Scissors:-
We manufacture Scissors in the following three grades of steel    
a) AISI - 440C Stainless Steel. Rockwell HRC 58-60
b) AISI - 420 Japanese Stainless Steel. Rockwell HRC 56-58
c) High Carbon Steel, Rockwell HRC 52-54

The customer can order scissors to be manufactured in any of the three grades of steel mentioned.

Product Information:-
 Blade shape(s): There are two types of shapes in blades, these are:
1- Convex blades: This blade is shaped and rounded from the outside of the scissors blade up to the edge.
2- Beveled blades:  This is a straight plain/flat blade.

Sharpness Edges:
1- Convex Edge: This does not have a visible separate edge. This is a new technique in scissors
    edges and has a long lasting sharp cutting effect. This helps for a effortless cutting and for long period of time
2- Razor Edge: This edge is done for scissors with convex shape blade. A separate edge is
    crafted at the end of this convex shaped blade.
3- Beveled Edge: This is a regular form of edge which was initially introduced. This has a slight 
    creaking sound (two blades meet) as this is a nature of metal.  Never-the less this is still
    considered as a very successful type of blade. This edge has an ability to cut any form of hair and this edge is heavier/thicker than other edges. This is still used by 90-95% of theusers around the globe.

1- Off-set handles:
The scissors with this type of handle has two different handle sizes. Where the middle finger fits in the hole, this handle is  slightly longer compared to the handle where the thumb is inserted.
2- Simi-Off set handles: This is more-or less similar to the off-set handles. The only difference is that the length size of the handles is slightly less difference in length.
3- Opposing handles:  The lengths of both the handle are the same and therefore called opposing.

1- Adjustable Set screw: This type of screw does not need a screw driver to adjust. This can be
immediately adjusted according to need of the user. Scissors with adjustable screw are over- all more preferred, for this reason.
2- Premium Screw: This type of screw will only be adjusted with the help of a screw driver.
3- Fixed Screw: This type of screw cannot be adjusted after manufacturing; its use is negligible now.

 Finger rests:
1- Detachable finger rest: These finger rest(s) are screwed to the handle and can be removed by un-screwing according to need.
2- Fixed Fingers: These finger rest(s) are in one form with the scissors and are shaped when the first stage of scissors forging is done. These can not be removed or detached. These can only be removed by cutting them off. These forms of finger rest(s) are also called fixed finger rest(s).

Two piece wielded Shears
This scissor is two piece welded by latest technology (Blade made by 440C while the handle is made by 410 stainless steel ).
 By this technology the scissor can be save during the re-sharpening and during adjustment as 440C scissors cannot be adjusted due to very   hard steel broken during adjustment by hammer.
Due to the flexibility of handle, scissor adjustment is easy and clients like it very much.

TC scissors:
These type of scissors have extra strip made of materials like tungsten carbide, & cobalt,   which is welded on the cutting edge. These scissors provide a far longer cutting performance.

      Scissors that are properly being taken care of can be enjoyed for a long time. But incorrect use and handling will damage cutting edges. Keeping your shears clean and well maintained will prolong the life of sharp edges and the overall life of your scissors. Follow some important steps for better Scissors care.
Cleaning your Instruments for longer lasting needs
1- wipe your instrument/blade with soft dry cloth
Cleaning Instruments
1- Cleaning by hand is not recommended as this will damage the instrument or blade.
2- To prevent corrosion or injuries of the instruments, we recommend using a soft     brush and neutral or non-aggressive detergents.
3- Dry up the instrument after this procedure by using a soft and dry cotton cloth.

After cutting hair, wipe your shear blade with soft dry cloth to remove moisture and fragments of hair. Put a drop of oil between the blades and a drop of oil every week behind the set screw. Store in a dry place. Avoid dropping shear(s) on contact with hard objects.

Shears Tension Adjustments ( Important note)
In order to adjust the tension of the shear for an effortless cutting, tighten the screw to a point where you can have an easy movement of the scissor blades.

We are Consistently producing New products , so kindly check our website often for getting up to date with new produced

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